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Benbow Reproductions are made of solid hardwoods such as American walnut, cherry, maple and mahogany.  The grain of hardwoods is enriched by repeated hand-rubbings and the charm of a Benbow Reproduction, aside from its durability, is its beautiful finish.

They will become the heirlooms of the future and will mellow gracefully in the homes of your children and your children's children. Simply as an investment they wil have an ever-increasing value and will be treasured as collectors' items.
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Benbow Reproductions - Frederick Stevens, Inc.
4321 S. Elm-Eugene Street • Greensboro, NC 27406
(336) 370-4184

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Manufacturers of fine handcrafted furniture in walnut, cherry and mahogany
dining room pictureThe Story of Benbow Reproductions

Inspired by the heirlooms of the past, Benbow Reproductions, Inc. has acquired some of the most notable examples of Early American furniture for the purposes of reproduction.

Our guild of craftsmen, with years of experience in restoring authentic old pieces and making reproductions, insure to the buyer of Benbow Reproductions the finest in workmanship and finish. Hand craftsmanship, such as the early masters put into construction, is to be found in every Benbow Reproduction. The Benbow stamp on a reproduction is a mark of authenticity and a guarantee of quality.
Manufacturers of fine handcrafted furniture in walnut, cherry and mahogany